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Discover our jewels for every occasion.


If jewels could talk, they would tell beautiful stories!

Cornetto Even in the most remote corners of the earth, people always wear a wide variety of jewelry. Be it necklaces, bracelets or earrings, the jewels are a real one expression of the personality of each of us.

Our passion for this world is so deep that we create jewelry that are able to excite anyone who buys them or receives them as a gift.

Because, after all, jewels are the material embodiment of our emotions.


Unique, just like you.

What if your jewel tells something more about you?


A jewel is more effective than a thousand words

Jewels are carriers of sentiment that are worth a thousand words. The value of a jewel, in fact, goes far beyond its material meaning. It is not the price that designates its value, but the emotions it manages to convey.

For us, jewels are real talismans that have the power to stop time, to make our memories and special moments eternal.

With our jewels you will have the opportunity to keep the best memories of your life in a bracelet, a ring, or a necklace, mixed with a mix of style and elegance signed by Luppino Gioielli.



What if your jewel tells something more about you?



Precious promises



Femininity and charm



Charm and refinement


The origin of jewels is a timeless story

Jewelry has the ability to highlight people's personality and bring out the best features when you wear the right ones, for the right occasion.

It is said that humans wore jewelry even before wearing clothes as a form of artistic self-expression. In those days man he made necklaces and bracelets with shells, teeth of fish and felines, horns or mammoth tusks, which were then shaped and engraved with burins of flint or obsidian.

Nowadays, our jewels certainly do not include animal teeth or horns, but all our products are composed of new and original materials, all accompanied by a guarantee certificate from the manufacturer or the guarantee certificate from Luppino Gioielli which certifies their quality.

All our jewels have been created with you in mind, to make you express your essence to the fullest. Making you feel elegant and confident wearing one of our jewels is our main goal.


The most beautiful moments of our life are enclosed in a jewel!

Jewelery is an important ornament for all the special occasions we experience in life; like marriage, graduation, job promotion, birthday party, or the birth of a child.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Our best memories are enclosed in each of these ornaments. Each jewel is in fact capable of telling us a story, and making us relive unforgettable moments just by looking at them.

In fact, if jewels could speak, how many beautiful stories could they tell!
We at Luppino Gioielli want to be present in the most beautiful moments of your life. Because for us there is nothing better than contributing to the happiness of our customers!

In jewels there are our memories, and in memories we relive our whole life. Start telling your story through our jewels clicking here!